What Happens After a Slip and Fall Accident?

What Happens After a Slip and Fall Accident?

Slip and fall accidents are extremely hard on the body, especially if it happens a disabled or elderly individual. Once a slip and fall occurs to you or someone you love, you are going to want to seek help from an attorney right away. Once you have found the right attorney, they can start helping you contact insurance companies and the responsible party so that way you can get compensation for your injuries and your hospital bills. Without compensation, you would be stuck with no way to pay your monthly bills or to support your spouse and children.

Contacting an Attorney

After you have sustained injuries from a slip and fall, it is very important to contact any slip and fall injury attorney las vegas nv immediately. Your attorney that you hire will be able to help you through the beginning process by contacting all parties involved, filing paperwork with the courthouse, and filing for compensation. Not having an attorney during this unfortunate time will leave you having to do all the research of laws and statute of limitations revolving around your personal injury case.

Insurance Companies

After your accident occurs and you have hired a slip and fall attorney, you can then start the process of calling your insurance company as well as the opposite party’s. By contacting their personal insurance company, you will be able to discuss an offer on what they should be paying for your injuries, including your hospital bills. If they do not accept the offer given, your attorney can then file with the courthouse to have your case seen by a judge so they can make the final decision on your slip and fall case.

Getting Compensation

Compensation for a slip and fall accident is a must because chances are if you are seeking compensation, your injuries are severe enough to keep you from working. When your attorney files for the compensation they will take into consideration the extent of your injuries, the total amount of your hospitals, and whether or not you were traumatized from the incident. Once a total amount is rounded up, your attorney can then make an offer to the person or business responsible or put your case in front of a judge. Either way, your case will be pushed forward in order to get the compensation that you truly deserve.

If you or someone you love is ever involved in a slip and fall accident, you are going to need the help of a slip and fall attorney. Not only do you need their help to file paperwork with the courts, but you also need their help to contact all parties involved in order to get compensation for your injuries and hospital bills. If you fail to contact an attorney for your injuries within a certain period of time, there is a possibility that you will never see a penny. Before you wait too long to file, find out what the statute of limitations are in your state.