Weirdest Bondsman From History

Weirdest Bondsman From History

The concept of bail bonding exists primarily in the United States but also has a small presence in the Philippines. Throughout the history of bail bonds, there has been a lot of strange bondsmen, however, none of them have been from Wayne County bail bonds. While it no longer exists in this country, the first regular instances of bail that history records actually took place in what is now Iraq. Landowners who were wealthy would put up collateral in the form of sheep so that their release from jail was secured.

1. The very first bondsman in the United States was an unscrupulous saloon owner who went by the name of Peter McDonough. He began the practice as a means of providing favors to his favorite bar customers. However, he quickly saw this as an easy way to make money and this led to him actually becoming one of the first crime bosses in existence.

He was making so much money at his peak that he had the entire city in his pocket, he had politicians, policemen, and judges all doing his bidding. This gave complete control of the vices of the city, including prostitution, gambling, and bootlegging.

Once the Great Depression hit the country, however, Peter P. McDonough began to lose his control over the city he lived in. This led to his swift decline and his eventual fade into obscurity. He was actually on the FBI watchlist but he was never arrested due to the fact that they could never technically prove anything.

As you can see, there are some very neat things to learn about the history of bail bondsmen. There have been many characters who have developed over the years and if this one interests you, there are many more to learn about.