There are Many Bond Options for You

There are Many Bond Options for You

When you are in police custody, it can be a stressful time. A bail bond can be secured by yourself or with the help of an agent. If you need a bond, here are a few things for you to consider.

Cash Bond

The cash bond is the most common type of bond. You can leave jail with a cash payment. Some jails do not accept cash for this bond despite the name. Many agencies will accept a cashier’s check or credit card as a form of payment. If you are heading off to jail, you need to verify the acceptable payment type. If you cannot afford bail, this is the time to contact a bond agency for help.

Surety Bond

Another type of bail is the surety bond. You can secure this bond by placing down 10 percent of the bail. The bond agency guarantees the rest of the amount. If you use this option, you must show up for court. If you fail to attend court, an arrest warrant will be issued in your name. You will also lose the full amount of the bond as well.

Property Bond

If your assets are tied up in real estate or property, you will need a property bond. You should never expect quick results with this type of bond. The process to secure a property bond can take up to a few weeks. The entire transaction process is handled by the courts. You must attend a hearing where the property value is assessed.

Federal Bail Bond

Anyone who ends up in federal custody needs a federal bond. The bond is secured with property or cash. A bond agent cannot help you with this type of bail. All federal bonds are handled through the federal court system.

If you need 24 hour bail bonds Allentown PA, you can find an agency near you. The experienced agent will work hard to get you out of police custody.