The Best Family Law Attorneys in Long Beach

The Best Family Law Attorneys in Long Beach

Like every major city, there is a large number of lawyers who are claiming to be the best in the area. Long Beach, CA is no different there are over 50 different law firms that are actively looking for new clients. So who is the best?

We have completed some research and interviewed many past clients. We looked at different aspects of their business in terms of location, experience, costs, case results, team and likeability.

Each interview was taken separately and not discussed with one another. Most of the cases involved divorce, child custody or visitation rights. A small percentage was for living trusts and probates.

We found that attorney Damian Nolan from The Law Offices of Damian Nolan was the most experienced, affordable and result driving attorney in Long Beach.

Damian Nolan’s office can be reached via phone at 562-634-1115 or via web at Even if you don’t live in Long Beach, and are based in Orange County or Los Angeles County, you should still contact Damian Nolan as he assists clients all over Southern California.

Attorneys need to be held accountable for their work, as their actions greatly affect the lives of their clients that they represent. Hence, we review their results and report them to the public, in this case, the public of Long Beach, California.