How An External IT Audit May Help A Company Save Money And Remain Efficient

How An External IT Audit May Help A Company Save Money And Remain Efficient

Technology makes a variety of tasks simple to complete, and while companies of all sizes are continually looking for ways to improve the overall reliability of their IT infrastructure, they often fail to implement meaningful change. Though it is easy to conduct a search and discover a variety of software solutions that may streamline day to day tasks, it is complicated to determine which one will best suit a company’s needs now and in the future. An IT consultant will audit any IT systems in place and make recommendations to help improve efficiency company-wide.

Cloud-Based Solutions

The cost of maintaining an on-site server is a significant line item in a company’s IT budget, and rather than wasting tens of thousands of dollars on maintenance expenses, more businesses are choosing to take to the clouds. A cloud-based system does not require the use of a central server and provides employees with access to data from any location with a reliable internet connection. In addition to saving money, it also allows employees to remain productive no matter where their job may take them.

Workstation Upgrades

Employees rely on the desktop and laptop computers assigned to them to carry out their responsibilities, and when they become outdated, they will likely perform slower and reduce their ability to work in a streamlined fashion. Some companies find the cost of replacing workstations overwhelming, and while it is a tremendous expense, failing to take it seriously may lead to a loss of productivity and employee frustration.

Security Protocols

Companies store a vast amount of data on servers, and whether they are local or cloud-based, failing to secure this data may have devastating consequences. A data breach not only causes consumer confidence to plummet, but it may lead to a mountain of fines and fees. Let an IT expert review the security protocols that are in place and make suggestions on upgrades that will safeguard against hackers and prevent a network breach.

For the most business owners, the idea of evaluating and upgrading their network infrastructure is overwhelming. Kirk Chewning provides customized IT evaluations and will help an organization identify weaknesses and develop a plan to eradicate them. Visit his website to learn more or call today to schedule a free network evaluation without delay.