A Separation is Enough for Some Married Couples

A Separation is Enough for Some Married Couples

Managing a marriage isn’t always easy and, even when it seems as though things are falling apart, there may still be the hope of saving the relationship. If this sounds like your situation, the thought of rushing to a divorce can be hasty. Instead, a marital separation can provide you the security you need, while you and your spouse explore the possibility of reconciling.

When you petition the court for a separation agreement Tampa, you’re able to legally separate from your spouse without going through a full divorce. Why would couples do this? It allows them to live separate lives and still consider the possibility of reconciling. If they are able to work things out, the marriage is still valid and that makes it that much easier to put the pieces back together.

In some cases, the couple just isn’t able to put things back together again. In those situations, the separation agreement remains binding and that makes the divorce little more than a formality. When the couple works out the settlement agreement , they negotiate terms that would usually be settled in a divorce hearing. Their finances are divided and assets are split between them, child custody issues are settled, and the need for support payments is addressed. Once these concerns have been worked out, they’re added to the separation agreement as a means of recording the terms.

Many couples do opt for a separation agreement, especially when they’re able to negotiate peacefully. If they’re able to set aside their differences and settle marital issues without a judge’s interference, a settlement agreement provides the opportunity to resolve differences quietly. This eliminates the conflict that often arises out of a divorce hearing, so they’re able to communicate with one another. In this way, they may be more open to reconciling or developing a new relationship that will help them move forward and away from their prior relationship troubles.

In addition to helping the spouses separate amicably, a separation agreement is also an opportunity to help any children in the marriage. The break-up of the family is hard enough on children without subjecting them to the adversarial nature of a divorce hearing. The separation agreement sidesteps that eventuality and makes the dissolution of the marriage a little easier. This helps the children adjust to a new family dynamic without also having to deal with embittered parents.